Sometimes, WordPress users might have experienced a very peculiar form of issue, especially when trying to login into WordPress website. What happens is, as soon as you type your username or email and password, upon clicking the Log In button, you are again redirected to the same login page with blank boxes.

Why does the login page refreshing and redirecting error in WordPress occur?

This issue can occur mainly because of bad configuration or settings in your WordPress. We may think that our web browser might be causing this issue, but that’s not the case.

A web browser is an application that is designed to display contents from the internet.

A website development platform, like WordPress, have certain configurations that are used for storing and displaying the user’s information for easy access to their website.

Your web browser alone cannot be put to blame for not being able to accept your credentials and successfully logging you into your website. When you enter your credentials on the login page of your website, you often get surprised when the page automatically refreshes and returns blank fields, prompting you to enter your details again, but nothing happens after that. It just goes in a loop, redirecting you to the same page again and again. This is both confusing and annoying for a user who is just a beginner.

When you receive the login page refreshing and redirecting error in your WordPress visual editor, you do not have to panic. This is a common issue and it can be fixed quickly with the help of our WordPress support experts.

However, there are solutions available for this WordPress error. If you are a beginner, we would strongly suggest that you seek help from the WordPress support experts. The experts can be reached on the toll free phone number +1-855-945-3219.

Thus, it is always advised to contact the WordPress support experts for any type of issues that occur with your WordPress website because the experts are well aware about the error and are the ones who can give you the best solution than anybody else.

Dial the WordPress support phone number +1-855-945-3219.

What causes the login page refreshing and redirecting error in WordPress?

The login page refreshing and redirecting error in WordPress may be caused due to the following reasons:

  • Setting incorrect values for Site URL fields

  • Setting incorrect values for home URL fields

  • Incorrect configuration of permalink settings

  • Incorrect configuration of redirects setup in the .htaccess file

How to resolve login page refreshing and redirecting error in WordPress?

The login page refreshing and redirecting error in WordPress can be fixed easily. Following the simple steps will help you to easily diagnose and troubleshoot the error. However, you can always seek assistance from the WordPress support experts. Contact the WordPress support experts at +1-855-945-3219 and get instant resolution to the error.

When troubleshooting the error, you must consider the following:

The first and the important thing to do is to carefully check the necessary configurations and settings of your WordPress website. Any incorrect settings can cause a problem with your website.

If you have tried all the above steps and you are still not able to access your website, we advise you to contact our WordPress support experts immediately. Call +1-855-945-3219 and speak with our experts today.

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